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UMass student informant program suspended –


UMass student informant program suspended
The UMass Police use student confidential informants on occasion to detect, investigate and prosecute violators of state and federal law. It is one of an array of tools, including use of undercover officers, deployed to conduct investigations and deter
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Image: Record Collection (New Yorker)

Throughout the months of August and September, WMUA’s staff has been compiling their list of the best of the best. From artists like FKA twigs and ODESZA, to bands like The Kooks and alt-J, here is a hand-picked selection of what we’re listening to, and what you should be listening to as well!

The Kooks – Listen

"This album is classic Kooks front to back, with a couple twists here and there. They experiment with a lot of new instrumentation on this one, like the background percussion on ‘Down,’ the synths on ‘We Are Electric,’ the 808 on ‘Westside,’ and the vocal overlays on almost all of the tracks. It’s good to hear them keep up their guitar-based backbone despite this. Give it a spin, and try ‘Sweet Emotion’ or ‘Forgive and Forget.’"

-Andrew DesRochers (General Manager), 91.1 WMUA

ODESZA – In Return

"This album makes me feel the same way I felt when I heard Clams Casino for the first time. It also has some string sounds that sound like they’re straight out of a Disney soundtrack."

-Matthew Thornton (Programmer), 91.1 WMUA

Garden City Movement – Entertainment/Bengali Cinema

"This record has been my go-to ever since it was released. I’ve recently been getting super into chillwave, so tracks like ‘Move On’ and ‘Lir’ are definitely my favorites off the album. The slow builds, heavy beats, and spacious feel make for a relaxing yet stimulating listen."

-Chloe Doyle (Music Director), 91.1 WMUA

Hippie Sabotage – The Sunny Album

It makes me feel like I’m drunk on a beach where a chill rave is happening.”

-Herry Sung (Librarian), 91.1 WMUA

FKA twigs – LP1

"I think this album has what her last release lacked because I distinctly remember the video for ‘Water Me’ scaring the christ out of me. It was weird and distant and this one is much more listenable. Really catchy good stuff."

-Haley Chauvin (New Operator), 91.1 WMUA

alt-J – This Is All Yours

"This is another album that you truly want to listen to the entirety of. The flow of the record is impeccable, and alt-J succeeds in producing songs that are both mellow and upbeat at the same time. It’s a great album to bump through your headphones whilst wondering about your day."

-Emily Pierce (Fund Drive Director), 91.1 WMUA

Dan Hyde – This Heart of Yours EP

"This EP is what you’d expect of a folk artist, but the single ‘My Door’ is especially good. Its soft-spoken sadness and lyrical simplicity makes the rest of the EP worthwhile."

-Sharon Amugini (Publicity Director), 91.1 WMUA

Bishop Allen – Lights Out

"I’ve always carried fond associations with Bishop Allen, most of which are remnants from high school. This album seems slightly less acoustic and more electronic/distorted than The Broken String (my personal favorite record of theirs). Lights Out is probably better suited for a dance party than The Broken String, but I usually tend to prefer a band’s old school albums. I like this record because it still holds the Bishop Allen charm, but I miss the endearing dorkiness of their older music. Maybe Brooklyn got the best of them.

-Allie Haber (Outreach Director), 91.1 WMUA

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